How Much was Atatürk’s Salary

During our research on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, we also reached information about his financial situation and the bank accounts of his death. The founder of the State of the Republic of Turkey and the first President of the Republic had to take a loan because some months’ expenses exceeded the income item, let alone to use the means for his own benefit and transfer it to his personal account?  Did you know that the food and beverage expenses of the staff on duty in the Mansion and even the other expenses of the Mansion were covered by Atatürk? Imagine that almost 90-100 people ate morning and dinner at the Kiosk in just one day with the guests coming? Or, what do you say that during their travels, only vehicles such as trains or ferries are provided by the state, and all other expenses are covered by Mustafa Kemal Pasha? After Mustafa Kemal left Latife Hanım, the Secretary General of the Presidency, Hasan Rıza Soyak, who followed up these heavy expenses until his death, said: Writer: “? Especially during the months we were in Istanbul, the salary and allowance we received would not be able to cover the expenses, we would get into debt and we would fall When I tried to explain such situations to them, he would interrupt and smile and say, ‘Well, we’ll bore ourselves a little in Ankara, we’ll try to close the gap.’ As a matter of fact, the costs were less in Ankara, we would fix the situation in a few months. ” As the President of the Republic, Atatürk received a monthly salary of 5 thousand TL and an extraordinary allowance of 7 thousand TL, up to a total of 12 thousand TL. The monthly salary he received in 1931 was 13 thousand 186 is lira. After the law enacted in 1932 that taxed high salaries and wages, his salary was also cut and dropped to 9,78 TL per month. İşbank deposited the private savings he made from this salary into account number 4. He had accumulated 53 thousand 463 liras and 18 kurush in his account on his death. When he passed away, there was a total of 73 thousand 19 liras and 98 kuruş in his personal bank account and in his retirement account. Considering that the average monthly income is 10 thousand lira, it means an accumulation of approximately 7 months’ income. (Soyak, Atatürk’s Memories-2, Yapı Kredi Publications, Istanbul-1973, p. 683-691). This figure, which coincides with the period when he was ill, shows that Ata did not reach out to the forbidden with a faithful sensitivity and did not try to gain any financial savings other than his salary. Throughout his life, Mustafa Kemal was neither called a bribery, as it is said to some today, nor was he alleged to be embezzling money, nor was it seen that he accepted a haram as halal and made up a cover accordingly. It should be an example to someone. Prof. Dr. Haydar Baş’s letter dated 30.08.2017. (Kilis Post News Center)