Hülya Gedik: Our Trade Target with Bangladesh is 2 Billion Dollars

(Ahmet Coşkunaydın) -With a population of approximately 170 million, it is a giant market with Bangladesh. New targets in trade were set. In the web conference organized by the Economy Journalists Association (EGD) and DEIK, Bangladesh economic relations and the future of our trade were discussed. Speaking at the conference, DEİK Bangladesh President and Gedik Holding Chairman Hülya Gedik pointed out that the mutual trade, which is still at a very low level, has not reached even 1 billion dollars today, and said, “Our goal is to increase this to 2 billion dollars as soon as possible. Because the market is suitable for this. Turkish goods are sought after and admired. For now, we have companies such as Arçelik, Aygaz and LC Waikiki that have made huge investments in this sister country. . The goods can reach Bangladesh in 7 hours by plane to the capital city Dhaka, and in 20 days if goods are sent by ship. This country, which is one of the leading countries in the world in textile, brings its products to the EU duty-free. Turkish companies that will invest in this country can also benefit from this advantage. This of bangladesh its privilege lasts until 2027. Bangladesh, which is loved by the Turkish people, aims to reach the level of developed countries in 2040 with the high development rate it has shown in recent years. Directed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who is the daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the country’s ancestor and founding leader for the last three terms, Bangladesh also exemplifies the success of a woman in administration